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Flexible pressure wash attachment, Spray-Flex 5000

Spray-Flex 5,000 psi

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Spray-Flex on gutters

The Spray-Flex Impact

Read how the Spray-Flex has changed our customer's lives for the better!

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The Spray-Flex Power

We have two different Spray-Flex products. Our most popular is our Spray-Flex 5,000 psi and then we have our Spray-Flex 3,000 psi. Find our which one is best for you!

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The Spray-Flex Convenience

The flexible design of the Spray-Flex allows for fast, easy, and convenient cleaning on any structure.  

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The Spray-Flex History

The history of Spray-Flex is an interesting story! Dan Haer, Spray-Flex's CEO, tells that story here!

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