The Spray-Flex Power

There are two variations of the Spray-Flex: the Spray-Flex 5,000psi and the Spray-Flex 3,000psi. Our main product consists of the Spray-Flex 5,000psi. The only difference between the two is that the Spray-Flex 5,000 will hold its shape up to 5,000psi, and the Spray-Flex 3,000 will only hold its shape up to 3,000psi.

Most consumers tend to purchase the Spray-Flex 5,000psi, due to its increased strength. Both variations look exactly the same, the only difference is how much pressure they can withstand. If you plan on pressure washing at a psi lower than 3,000 than the Spray-Flex 3,000psi is the one for you! But if you are looking to wash at a higher psi, than we recommend the Spray-Flex 5,000psi.