About Us

Dan Haer is the CEO of Spray-Flex. He has been in business since he was 16, when he started DJ's Painting in his parent's garage. DJ's Painting is still in operation today with Dan as the CEO. While running DJ's Painting National, Dan met an inventor named Pat Mcully who had invented the very useful and innovative product now known as Spray-Flex. Several years ago, Pat approached Dan to help market Spray-Flex on the national stage. That is how the Spray-Flex was born.

Being made in the USA with 100% American steel, the Spray-Flex is a flexible pressure washer attachment that makes the job of pressure washing so much easier! Spray-Flex has been in business for 5 years, and has thrilled many customers!  

Spay-flex is a flexible attachment for the end of a pressure wash gun that allows you to direct the flow any direction you like! Spay-Flex 5000 is our proprietary product and the center piece of our entire system. 

We offer a complete system and all the necessary components to incorporate Spray-Flex into anyones existing pressure wash system.

 Also the complete Spray-Flex business in a box program which will be everything needed from equipment to cleaning products as well as regional pricing averages and marketing plans to help anyone start and succeed in the pressure washing business!