The Spray-Flex Convenience

The Spray-Flex was designed to save time and even lives. Pressure washing is hard work and can cause back, neck, and shoulder problems. That's not even taking into consideration the danger of climbing a 20 foot ladder with a pressure washing wand in your hand. The Spray-Flex takes care of all of those problems. The flexibility of the Spray-Flex allows for a quick direction change. We also sell 12', 18', and 24' poles that aid in pressure washing. This makes cleaning a two-story building a breeze! 

The design of the Spray-Flex allows it to thoroughly clean out gutters, while standing on the ground! The Spray-Flex makes it easier to clean all of those hard-to-reach places, while holding its shape up to 90 degrees. If that's not convenience, then I do not know what is!