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Spray-Flex 5000

Quick Connects

Spray-Flex 3000

Gun with Flex

The Spray-Flex 5000 is a very unique invention, there is nothing that will do the job better than this! The design of the Spray-Flex allows the user to bend the flexible pressure wash attachment in whatever way he desires. The Spray-Flex will hold that angle even under pressures of up to 5000 psi! WOW!

Our Quick Connect Shut-off Assembly makes it easy to change out attachments without getting wet. Instead of stopping the flow, use the quick connect! This pressure wash attachment lets you cut the flow of water off before you change any attachments, making it efficient and very easy to do!

The Spray-Flex 3000 will bend and hold any shape you give it, making it a very easy to use, and efficient invention. The pressure this version can withstand is 3000 psi. If you would need a stronger psi, you can use the Spray-Flex 5000. They are both amazing pressure wash attachments sold by Spray-Flex

The pressure wash gun with the Spray-Flex 5000 attached is made to save you money! If you were planning on buying many pressure washing attachments such as the gun and the Spray-Flex, you are able to save money with this package!

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