Flex Wand | Spray-Flex

This flex wand attachment allows you to curve the direction of your pressure washer and keep the same psi! This genius invention is called the Spray-Flex. Saving you back-breaking work and maximizing your efficiency, the flex wand attachment will make your pressure washing job much easier and allow you to do as much as humanly possible. Using the flex wand attachment is very simple, all you need to do it thread it on to the tip of your gun or wand, and bend to which ever direction or angle that you would need at any specific time! This flex wand attachment (Spray-Flex) is a revolutionary tool that will help to save time, money and countless injuries. The ability to bend the end of a washer or spray head to enable you to keep you posture and still spray where you want is invaluable. Attach Spray-Flex to a gun directly or a standard wash wand or attach it to a pole and keep your feet on the ground while washing 2 stories.